Children & Young People's Mental Health
Children & Young People's Mental Health

NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Children & Young People Mental Health

Course Description

Statistics show that the prevalence of mental ill health among children and young people is increasing. One in eight people aged 5 to 19 now have a diagnosable mental health condition, such as an anxiety disorder, depression or a conduct disorder. This equates to three in every classroom!Appropriate support and understanding are vital. Without this, a child with mental health difficulties is likely to become an adult with mental health difficulties too. We now know that half of all mental health problems experienced by adults first manifest themselves by the age of 14, yet only three in four children and young people with a diagnosable condition access the support they need.This course aims to increase candidates’ knowledge and awareness of children and young people’s mental health. They will explore the factors that make an individual more vulnerable to developing mental ill health as well as the factors that can protect their well-being. Perhaps most importantly, they will look at how the care, compassion and vigilance of others can support children and young people to bounce back from setbacks and successfully deal with the challenges they may face during their childhood and teenage years.

Who’s It For?

This qualification is suitable for anyone looking to increase their knowledge of children and young people’s mental health. It will be particularly useful for people working in an educational setting.

What are the benefits of doing this course?

As well as attaining a nationally recognised qualification upon completion, candidates will gain a thorough understanding of children and young people’s mental health. They will explore key themes such as resilience, self-esteem and body image, bullying and the pressures caused by social media. They will also learn about the most common mental health conditions that affect children and young people and the strategies that can be used to support individuals experiencing mental distress.The course also provides employers with a structured training programme that will meet the training needs of their employees, giving peace of mind that staff are equipped with the knowledge they need to promote the mental well-being of children and young people.

Course Content

Entry Requirements

Learners should be aged 19 and over.

Course Delivery and Assessment

Hallmark publishes all the learning materials required to complete the qualification. These materials have been reviewed and officially endorsed by the awarding organisation, NCFE CACHE. This means that our learning materials have gone through a rigorous assessment procedure. Official AO endorsement gives providers the peace of mind that our resources are ‘fit for purpose’ and enable learners to meet all the learning outcomes in their chosen qualification.

The learning materials comprise a set of high-quality knowledge workbooks that are designed to suit a range of delivery methods. Within these workbooks, learners have the opportunity to work through a series of reflective activities that are designed to reinforce the learning process and test their knowledge. The materials also include assessment booklets that allow learners to complete a portfolio of evidence and demonstrate their achievement of all the learning outcomes associated with each unit. Hallmark also provides a comprehensive tutor guide to support centres delivering this qualification

Progression Opportunities

By undertaking this programme, learners will be able to further their own continuous professional development, which may improve their career prospects. Learners may then progress on to further qualifications, such as other courses in health and social care or related subjects.

Information for Learning Centres:

Qualification reference number: 603/2813/7

Awarding organisation: NCFE CACHE (see


    We are presently undertaking online registrations so there is no minimum amount of people for an Induction to take place.  All we will require is the students contact details (mobile phone number and a valid  email address.

    The qualifications are NCFE level 2 and are fully certificated Nationally recognised courses.

     Learners are able to further their own continuous professional development a criteria for the care certificate which may also improve their career prospects and can then progress on to further qualifications in health & social care or other  related subjects.

    The course submission times are between 8 and 16  weeks depending on which course  they choose to complete.

    They will have a dedicated Tutor from the College or Learning Provider, who are fully trained and give feedback on all questions  answered.  Specialist Tutors are available and are qualified in dealing with anyone who has a learning difficulty ie: Dyslexia and they will support all learners throughout the course.

    All of our Induction are carried out by one of our experience Inductors and can be  either by  telephone or an online forum such as Zoom, MS Teams at a time and place to suit you This is necessary so that students and staff get all the information required to complete the course successfully. We are very aware of the disruption this may sometimes cause, but we try to work with you and your staff.

    For Companies we are now offering face to face inductions at your premises and  asking  for a minimum of 8 people to attend for an Induction to take place with one of our experienced Inductors.

    During the Induction  we introduce people to the courses and complete the necessary College paperwork.

    Our web site has all the courses listed with an overview and Pdf showing all the course content and credits accrued. Just click on the course tab. We strive to keep the list of courses up to date . However if there is a course you are looking for and not listed , doesnt mean we cant help. Just give us a call or email to enquire.

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