NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Nutrition & Health

Course Description

Obesity has become a significant public health problem in the UK. A quarter of children leaving school are now classed as overweight. In addition, one in four adults are now considered obese and current trends suggest this could exceed fifty percent by 2050.

Being overweight can have a detrimental affect on the mental health of individuals, self-esteem and also increases the risk of developing a range of serious diseases. This can shorten life expectancy. Health problems associated with obesity, costing more than £5billion every year, are placing enormous pressure on the NHS

This qualification is ideal for a wide range of learners who are interested in improving their understanding of nutrition and healthy eating. It will be particularly relevant for those working, or intending to work, in settings such as catering or health care, sport and recreation, hospitality and, provides specific skills and knowledge to support their role in the workplace.

Course Content

This course is available online or as a paper-based submission

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